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Emmi King

We’re inspired by this 23 year old singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist out of Germany. She composes all of her own music, writes her own lyrics AND performs all instrumentals on her recordings in the studio herself. She inspires us with her next generation attitude, proving you CAN do it all.

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Peter Gergely

With over 600k followers on youtube, this talented musician provides value to his audience with his mesmerizing fingerstyle arrangements and pop song tabs. He’s also inspiring a next generation of guitarists and Baton Rouge guitars, with an exclusive Peter Gergely signature model now available in our portfolio.

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Marion Fiedler

This young artist is on a mission to build bridges and to connect people from various backgrounds through her music. Her unique style is rooted in jazz but has branched out to include a pop flair. She represents the next generation of artists through the songs she composes, writes, and performs, as well as through her belief that music can bond.

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Yuliya Krasnodubets
("Julia KM")

Her complex percussive patterns and fingerstyle arrangements and covers make this young woman a talent to watch!  Next generation talent meets next gen hard work, and the result is magic.

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Wim den Herder

Considered by Tommy Emmanuel and Harry Sacksioni as one of the best acoustic guitarists in Holland, we’re inspired by his creative next generation spirit: Wim developed his Wimpicking technique, which involves playing multiple parts together with just a pick on a guitar.

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Janek Pentz

This young musician’s talent is matched by his charisma. His style is characterized not only by dynamically fast passages, but also by slow, very thoughtful compositions. His personality is warm, open, and captivating. 

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Philipp Adam

Another young guitarist who refuses to be pigeon holed into one style of music only. Flawlessly, he switches between Jazz- Rock- Pop- Worldmusic and more on both his acoustic AND electric guitar. His versatility and talent make him a true next generation talent.

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Illona Bolou

Swoon! This talented young woman combines percussive fingerstyle with a melodic touch. The Parisian-born guitarist  is completely self-taught, and her talent has carried her as far as the world stage. Top this with how she continues to create new sound rangeswith her guitars, Ilona is next generation talent in person!

Magdalena Kowalczyk

From classical to acoustic, this young guitarist doesn’t restrict herself to one genre or another. She is an incredibly talented musician both on her guitar and as a vocalist. She embodies the next generation approach to self expression in diversity: not getting caught up in labels, she plays whatever genre feels good.

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Ray Mvsic

Another trailblazing next gen talent! This Rome based guitarist is entertaining his (now) global social media audience with his own unique style of music called fingerstyle-POP. 

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Natasha Ghosh

Her fingerstyle talents span across guitar AND ukulele, from covers to her own arrangements, marrying melodic sounds with percussive techniques. She’s an inspired and inspiring young artist!

Andrew Foy

Over the years he’s evolved into a youtube sensation, drawing in and inspiring an entire generation of lifestyle musicians with his pop song covers and fingerstyle guitar talent. He’s also the inspiration and co-creator of our Baton Rouge Andrew Foy signature guitar!

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Alexandr Misko

Voted Top 10 acoustic guitarist in 2020, this young fingerstyle player is simply incredible. He enchants his audience with his percussive fingerstyle genius, and amazes us with his insane takes on everything from rap songs to classical arrangements. He is inspiring us to rethink guitar design to cater to his next generation technique.

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Jan Becker

This young man from Marburg (Germany) is currently training as a guitarist and combines his young talent with the know-how of one of the most renowned music colleges in Germany - the University of Music in Dresden.

Regina Bakhritdinova

A young, talented female musician who has gone from following her musical idol Tommy Emmanuel, to becoming a musical idol herself. Her diversity and skill on the guitar have taken her on stage performance, as well as online. She’s a next generation young woman we can all look up to.

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