About us

Baton Rouge guitars are played by the next generation of guitar players around the world. Founded on the principles of innovation, quality and affordability our products offer an accessible and extraordinary playing experience for any style of acoustic guitar or ukulele player.

Where quality and affordability meet to create exceptional guitars.

The Strange Series

The Strange series. A marriage of exceptional woods and outstanding workmanship render every Strange guitar equal part art, utility, and exceptional sound. For those who reject the ordinary.

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The Rouge Series

The Rouge series. Designed with sound, consistency, innovation and quality in mind. For our most demanding and discerning guitar players.

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The 20s Reloaded Series

The 20s Reloaded series. We boldly revive the iconic spirit of the roaring 20s with a modern take on traditional body shapes and finishes. For those who are romantics at heart.

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The Noir Series

Our Baton Rouge line which is entirely dedicated to entry level players who are looking for an affordable instrument that still delivers on quality and basic features. The Noir models are young, cheerful and offer a smart instrument for a lot of fun at any level.

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