About Baton Rouge Guitars

Sophisticated instruments at the best price.

The brand Baton Rouge Guitars stands for unusual and exceptional guitars and ukes. Their aim is to create a great sounding instrument at the best price. Baton Rouge Guitars is for musicians who are looking for a fancy instrument beyond the conventional brands. The guitar player becomes our endorser. Baton Rouge has stories to tell. Baton Rouge is crazy and authentic. And Baton Rouge has the perfect instrument for everybody. 

Everything but ordinary: The Strange Series

Crazy, funky and extravagant: The Strange series is for guitar players who don't want to end up with mainstream instruments and who are bored by classic-looking guitars & ukes. With the Strange series you will definitely find whatever you were searching for: instruments with a new interpretation in concept and design. Each instrument embodies an own note in a waywarded and ambitious way and underlines the individuality of a guitar player. Extraordinary woods and a brilliant workmanship make every Strange guitar instrument a special piece. And what about the sound? Pure rock'n'roll for a fulminant show. To the Strange series

Simply modern: The Rouge Series

The models in the Rouge series are classy with charm and esprit. A simple design, selected woods and an outstanding workmanship make the instruments to be in keeping with the times. Rouge is for demanding musicians who are looking for advanced guitars or ukes with a remarkable sound, consistency, innovation and quality. Rouge is the liberal base of the Baton Rouge guitars. To the Rouge series

A funky budget: The Noir Series

The Noir series stands aloof from the high class Strange and Rouge series. Noir is a favorable alternative for newcomers, who are still trying out playing and don't need a high class instrument from the beginning. The Noir models are young, cheerful and offer a smart instrument for a lot of fun in the beginning. To the Noir series