About us

Baton Rouge guitars are played by the next generation of guitar players around the world. Founded on the principles of innovation, quality and affordability our products offer an accessible and extraordinary playing experience for any style of acoustic guitar or ukulele player.

Established in 1999

Our first Baton Rouge guitar was designed and sold in Tübingen, Germany.

140 models to choose from

With 60 acoustic guitar models, and 80 ukulele models our portfolio has something for everyone.

More than 40 markets

Baton Rouge guitars and ukuleles are enjoyed by a global community of guitar players worldwide.

The Story of Baton Rouge Guitars goes back in the early 1980s, when our CEO Gunther Reinhardt Worked as a teacher and realized that there was a big lack of affordable guitars at a good quality for his students.

From there he started creating the idea of establishing his own guitar brand which finally evolved in Baton Rouge Guitars in 1999.

Within more than two decades Baton Rouge grew to a leading Acoustic guitar brand.

Today we offer a wide range of Acoustic Guitars and Ukuleles in more than 40 countries all over the world.

With the variety of our products we believe in the concept of building instruments focused on the needs of a new generation of musicians. for the next generation of artists.

Our success has been thanks to staying true to our original vision of creating high quality products that are affordable for young guitarists by always focusing on innovation and progression. This is what Baton Rouge stands for.

We build instruments for “the next generation” in terms of design, quality, technology and ressources. 


Honest quality & value

Quality is at our core. It refers not only to the attention to detail in our product design and finishes, but also to how we treat our partners, collaborators, suppliers, employees and customers alike

Human and authentic

Above all, we want to retain our family-oriented approach. Baton Rouge is not a faceless brand, it’s an inclusive and welcoming group of people who are passionate and excited about what we do.

Investing in tomorrow

Where environmental responsibility, innovation, and optimism meet. We’re invested in progressing our activities linked to sustainability and environmental responsibility through the sponsorship of the rECOtimber project in Europe

Hard work and dedication

No matter how great the guitar, it is only the tool - the real artist is the guitar player themself. As a brand, Baton Rouge is committed to working hard as a means to personal progress and encourages our customers to do the same.

20 years of success

This is the Baton Rouge story