Body Shapes

Choosing the right body shape for you is important and many factors can play a role in the decision making process. Depending on your individual physique, size, needs and preferences you may opt for a smaller, larger, narrower or boxier shape. The Baton Rouge portfolio has a wide variety of body shapes and sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for any type of player. Discover and explore our body shapes below to find the right one for you.


Players looking to check the box on playability and  sound will likely end up fanning over our mid-sized auditorium models. These guitars are known for producing a balanced sound while offering volume and projection. Traditionally they’ve been designed to fit well on the knee, closing the gap between the player and the instrument. They’re a beautiful option for anyone, but are especially coveted by fingerstyle, heavy strummers, and group players alike.

Discover the Baton Rouge auditorium options in our Rouge series (with and without cutaway) and Strange series (with florentine cutaway).

Check out our auditorium guitars here


Designed to maximize sound, dreadnoughts are loud and powerful with a bass-heavy sound. Today, dreadnoughts are one of the most commonly found body shape on the market, but with their large body and broad shoulders can be difficult for smaller framed players to play comfortably.

This body shape is a true all-rounder, used for anything from country music, aggressive strumming to in a band. Fingerstyle players or classical style enthusiasts might find the dreadnought impractical due to a lack of clarity on the tones. If you’re looking for a Baton Rouge dreadnought, you’ll find a variety of options in our Noir series and in our 20s Reloaded series.

Check out our dreadnought guitars here


The Baton Rouge folk/OM models have the same distinct shape and defining features you would expect from this body type, but are uniquely (and rather unconventional for this body shape) smaller than our auditorium models. The guitar player still benefits from a wider neck (particularly appreciated by fingerpickers) but with a smaller body size making our folk/OM models particularly handy and comfortable to play.

You can discover all of our folk/OM models as part of our Noir and 20s Reloaded series.

Check out our folk/OM guitars here


Emotionally, a parlor body shape blends nostalgia with portability and convenience. Models with this shape are traditionally about 15% smaller than full sized guitar, with a typically bright, mid-ranged and focused tone. They do tend to be quieter than a full body though, so don’t expect to take over a live stage with one! They’re great for fingerpicking, or for taking with you on a hike - in your room - or out with friends.

The 20s Reloaded series has a wide array of options in this body shape and size.

Check out our parlor guitars here

Tiny Jumbo

For players looking for even more volume and deeper sound than a dreadnought can produce, they’ll often turn to the Jumbo size. With a great bass response, these models are often used for strumming, and are renowned for complementing the sounds of smaller body sizes well.

We added this body shape to our portfolio with the 20s Reloaded series. For a striking contrast play next to a parlor guitar and revel in the broad spectrum of sounds and tones a guitar can play.

Check out our tiny jumbo guitars here

Flatcut Jumbo

FJ stands for Flatcut Jumbo. With this shape we introduce our new flat cutaway. The distinct Jumbo size makes the guitar not too big for small players but louder and more precise then its similar shaped guitars in our portfolio.

With the FJ shape we build bridges between our 20sreloaded Series and our Rouge series. The guitar player benefits from a wider but flat shaped neck. And from our BR-2.12P pickup system. This makes the guitar perfect for the next generation of fingerpicker. 

Check out our Flatcut Jumbo Guitars here



Equal parts impressive instrument and stunning art, the iconic resonator originated as a louder alternative to the traditional acoustic guitar which could compete with the highly popular brass and reed instruments of the 1920s. Baton Rouge’s small selection of resonator guitars is unique, and each piece one of a kind.

Check out our resonator guitars

Acoustic Bass

An acoustic bass is the perfect instrument for bass players when they cannot or do not want to plug in an electric bass option (like in an apartment, or at the park…). With it’s solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and unconventional okoume neck, the Baton Rouge X11S/BBSCE delivers a balanced sound and smooth playing experience.

Check out our acoustic bass


Baritone guitars are a long scale instrument which can be heard in a wide variety of genres from country, jazz, metal, and more. It’s a flexible, fun instrument which can round off a recording or played independently- it’s up to you!

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