Protection & Care

Caring for your Baton Rouge guitar or ukulele starts with the right storage. Below we’ve curated some helpful information and links to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about caring for your instrument.

Does an open-pore finish provide enough protection for a guitar?

In short, Yes! As the name suggests, an open pore finish leaves the pores of the wood unfilled during the painting process. However, additionally, there are 3 coats of lacquer applied to do the instrument, leaving it well protected.

How do I maintain open pore / matt lacquered guitars / ukuleles?

We recommend to clean the surface with a slightly moistened cloth and to tap it dry afterwards. Please never use commercially available cleaning agents of polishes, and avoid intense rubbing… matte varnish can become unattractively shiny!

Which cases or bags does Baton Rouge recommend to use with your guitars and ukuleles?

If you’re looking for a versatile, light, and portably bag we recommend either Noir bags or Tonträger for Baton Rouge instruments. Both brands provide reliable protection and comfort.

If you’re looking for a softcase, we recommend Noir softcases. They have varying sizes, ensuring the perfect fit and protection for most of the models in our portfolio.

For the ultimate protection - the wooden case, we recommend shopping the Tonträger cases.

Protection & Care

How to store your Baton Rouge Guitar

How do I care for gloss lacquered guitars / ukuleles?

We recommend you clean the surface with a microfiber cloth and commercially available, solventfree cleaning agents.

How can I maintain the fingerboard of my guitar / ukulele?

We recommend that the fingerboard should be treated about once a year with an acidand solvent-free fingerboard oil.

Protection & Care

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