Ukulele Sizes

If you’re new to the world of ukuleles, deciding what type of instrument is right for you might seem a bit overwhelming. We’ve done our best to break down key information into more uke-size pieces to help you navigate our portfolio and make the right choice for you. To get you started, as a general rule the easiest way to break down the sizes is to think about in simple terms: the bigger the body, the more volume, bass and warmth the instruments will produce!


The smallest of the lot!

The smallest of the Baton Rouge ukulele family, our soprano models are a great choice for individuals looking for that bright traditional ukulele sound. Due to their small size, they’re ideal for kids and people with small hands. Traditionally, they have a shorter neck length and 12 frets making them excellent for strumming, while not necessarily the most appropriate instrument for fingerpicking.

The Baton Rouge twist:

Always on the lookout to design instruments which fit your unique needs, our portfolio does offer both long neck and wide neck models which will deliver that traditional soprano sound while making it more comfortable to play for those with bigger hands! For those looking for a sleek design, we also have a few slim body models available.

Standard tuning: GCEA

We recommend a soprano for anyone who’s looking for a standard tuning, small size, fun, bright sounding instrument!

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The all-rounder

One size up from the soprano, the concert is our pick if you’re looking for an everyday ukulele which checks all the boxes. It’s slightly larger body produces more mid-range tones while the longer neck is conducive to strumming as well as single note play. Our concert ukuleles also intonate better as you move up the neck, making them a fantastic choice for anyone.

The Baton Rouge twist:

This ukulele size is truly fantastic for most people so not much spice required. We do however offer a slim body model in case you crave a sleeker look.

Standard Tuning: GCEA

We recommend a concert ukulele for anyone looking for an instrument offering versatility, playability, comfort and a traditional ukulele experience!

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Bigger instrument for bigger sound

Our tenor ukuleles have a bigger body which means more mid range tones, more bass, and a slightly louder instrument. It’s a great choice for those who prefer a bigger instrument yet still look for the ukulele sound and experience.

The Baton Rouge twist:

Bigger body means more space to play around. Within the tenor size you’ll also find guitarlele models (essentially a tenor size uke with 6 strings), 8 string models, as well as a variety of different options on the low and high notes.

Standard Tuning: GCEA

Other Tuning: GCCEAA (low A and HighC) / GCEAGCEA

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It’s all about the bass

Baritone ukuleles are the biggest of our ukulele family. As the name suggests they offer a bassy, deep sound and a lot more space on the fretboard and neck. They’re also considered a great bridging instrument to guitar thanks to the tuning (DGBE), so for those looking to transition to guitar later, the chords and the playing experience are somewhat similar.

The Baton Rouge twist:

Why stop at 4 strings? We’ve got an 8 string option that will take your baritone experience to the next level!

Standard tuning: DGBE / EADG

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Ukuleles are a fun and creative instrument to begin with, but we offer exciting twists to spice things up even more.


As the name suggests, guitarleles are a hybrid between a ukulele and a guitar. It’s a nylon string instrument with a similar body size to a tenor ukulele, with 6 strings and a ADGCEA tuning. It’s a completely different playing experience we invite you to try it for yourself!

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For the wild ones

Ukuleles are a fun and creative instrument to begin with, but we offer exciting twists to spice things up even more. Baton Rouge resonator ukuleles offer a unique playing experience. Originally, resonator guitars were invented in the 1920s as a solution to get bigger sound out of an acoustic guitar which could compete with brass instruments. Resonator ukes are inspired by the resonator guitars: producing a brassy sound and unique design.

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