Ukulele Tonewoods

We use a huge assortment of tonewoods from around the world including (but definitely not limited to): Australian redwood, mahogany, mango, spruce, solid sitka spruce, agathis, American walnut, bamboo, bell brass, cherry, maple, sapele, solid acacia, and white oak.

A broad spectrum of tonewoods, combined with high quality finishes and details including stains and paints means that with Baton Rouge ukuleles you can literally play the rainbow!

Spotlight: up-cycled solid Australian redwood

As part of our forest conservation efforts, we believe in upcycling and zero-waste wherever possible. We therefore look not only to our own suppliers, but to other producers in the industry. This is how we ended up using solid Australian redwood in our ukulele portfolio. Our friends at Cole Clark guitars use this beautiful and sustainably sourced wood in the production of some of their guitar models. The by-product (or left over pieces) turn out to be just the right size for our concert ukuleles. This wood offers a great resonance for strummers and finger pickers alike making it not only a great choice for guitars but also a fantastic addition to the Baton Rouge ukulele portfolio!

Check out ukulele UR71-C


How we thermally modify timber