Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get Baton Rouge guitars and ukuleles?

Can I buy an instrument directly at Baton Rouge Guitars?

Baton Rouge Guitars are exclusively sold by our dealers & distributors.

Which dealers & distributors have Baton Rouge guitars and ukuleles in stock?

You can find our dealers & distributors under stores.

There is no distributor listed in my country?

Contact us. We are happy to help.

Facts worth knowing about Baton Rouge Guitars

Where are Baton Rouge Guitars and ukuleles made?

Baton Rouge Guitars & Ukuleles are manufactured in China according to the specifications of Baton Rouge Guitars Germany in due consideration of fixed European manufacturing and social standards. All instruments undergo a strict quality control before shipment.

Where does the model name originate from?

The first letters stand for the series, such as "AR" for the Acoustic-Rouge series or "X" for the Acoustic Strange series. The following first number indicates the material for back and sides, for example, the 1 stands for mahogany (laminated). The next letter names the top wood, such as "C" for solid cedar or "S" for solid spruce. After the "slash" you find the body shape, such as "D" for Dreadnought, "A" for Auditorium etc. Subsequently, there is additional information such as "CE" for Cutaway Electronics or "12" for 12-string, "L" for Left Hand etc. Finally, there’s a name added for the models of the Strange series that refers to the design, for example sun, blue moon, etc.

What pickup systems are used by Baton Rouge Guitars?

We currently use primarily the BR-2P pickup system in acoustic guitars. On our L Series we use the BR-1. With Ukulele, it is currently the BR-U1. For more information about the pickup systems click here.

What strings are Baton Rouge instruments equipped with?

  • 6-string acoustic guitars AR & X models: Elixir Nanoweb Light Phosphor Bronze, 012 - 016 - w024 - w032 - w042 - w053 
  • 6-string acoustic guitars Noir L & X11L models: D'Addario EXP 11, coated 80/20 bronze, 012 - 016 - w024 - w032 - w042 - w053
  • 12 & 8-string acoustic guitars: Elixir Nanoweb Light 12 String Phosphor Bronze, 010/010 - 014/014 - 008/w023 - 012/w030 - 018/w039 - w027/w047
  • Resonator guitars: Curt Mangan phosphor bronze resophonic 16 - 18 – 26w - 36 - 46 - 56
  • Nylon-string guitars: Savarez Cantiga Mixed Tension 510MRJ
  • Ukulele (BR): Aquila Corde Nylgut
  • Guitarlele: Savarez 500 AXS

What type of lacquer is used by Baton Rouge Guitars?

Only modern, high-quality polyurethane lacquer is used.