Baton Rouge Virtual Stage

20. March 2020, Thomas Stolcis - #Sound

In these unclear times we decided to support our endorsers with an action. If we cannot do it analogously, then we want to offer them a stage, at least digitally. Starting Monday, we will therefore leave our Instagram account to another artist for half an hour every evening at 7:00 p.m. You have the opportunity to donate!

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Win A Gig At Musikmesse 2019

12. December 2018, Thomas Stolcis - #Musikmesse

Every year we bring the best of our endorsers to the Musikmesse in Frankfurt. In 2018, there was Alexandr Misko, Julia Lange, Illona Bolou and Janek Pentz. This year YOU can also be a part of the Baton Rouge 20th Anniversary. Send us your application video in order to win a live slot at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt (including arrival, departure and an overnight stay).

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