20 years Baton Rouge Guitars

Avatar of Thomas StolcisThomas Stolcis - 30. September 2019 - #Sound, #Reinhardt GmbH

When we started with Baton Rouge Guitars in 1999, we had a very clear goal. We wanted to bring the best possible guitars at the best possible price on the market. Today we are still pursuing this goal. But 20 years of guitar making have also left their mark. Baton Rouge Guitars has grown, we have developed, have taken models from the range and developed new ones. This is shown not least by our bulging web archive. There you can find the most important models that we had listed in our assortment.

But more importantly, we listened. Because what brings the best guitar, if it does not correspond to what guitarists want. Especially in the last few years, in the development of our models, we have listened to what our community of young abitious talents has given us in terms of input. Out of this, among other things, our in-house pickup, the BR-2P, has been devoleped. With this, percussive fingerpicking has gotten a new home:

20 years Baton Rouge also means 20 years of growing your own goals and following the trends and challenges of the time. So Baton Rouge is no longer just for cheap and high quality guitars. In the ukulele scene we have gained a trusting name in recent years with our wide range of ukuleles.

Looking ahead promises that we have recognized the signs of the times. Climate policy can not ignore Baton Rouge Guitars. For years, we have been working to make our production processes more climate-friendly and thus also contribute to innovations in guitar making. With rECOtimber®, together with the University for Sustainable Development in Eberswalde, we have developed a method for using domestic timber in the future for guitar construction.

In pedagogy, one follows the motto "challenge and promote". At Baton Rouge Guitars, "promoting" young musicians is exspecially important. We firmly believe that musical education and the concomitant promotion of community is an important mission of our society. The musical support of young and talented guitarists is therefore very important to us. Ready for the next generation is therefore not just an advertising slogan. For years, we have been demanding and promoting young, aspiring guitarists worldwide.

In the last 20 years, we have certainly left a clear footprint in the world of acoustic guitar. To put it modestly, at least our goal will be to increase that footprint. Baton Rouge Guitars will continue to pursue the central goal of building the best possible guitars at the best possible price while keeping in mind the signs of the times.

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