Baton Rouge Virtual Stage

Avatar of Thomas StolcisThomas Stolcis - 20. March 2020 - #Sound

Corona has us all under its control. While we are all looking for a private and professional way to deal with this new situation, it seems that freelancers and artists are currently concerned about their existence. At Baton Rouge Guitars, we have had excellent relationships with our endorsers for years. We see it as part of our brand philosophy that we promote young, creative minds.

In these unclear times, we have decided to support our musicians with an action. If we cannot do it analogously, then we want to offer them a stage, at least digitally. Starting on Saturday, we will therefore leave our Instagram account to a different artist every evening at 7:00 p.m. At the same time, we have started a fundraising campaign with our partner “Viele Saiten e.V.” from Lemgo (NRW, Germany), which enables everyone to support these young artists, albeit in the digital world. Everyone can donate a fee to the association through a PayPal donation. In the end, the money will be shared among all the musicians. Via this link you can donate to hour endorsers:

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