These are the Baton Rouge Top 3 acoustic guitars and ukuleles in 2020

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The end of the year is always a time for looking back. In such a turbulent year as the past one, reviewing the past year is particularly exciting. The changed situation since March has also upset, postponed and rearranged all our plans. And yet, in 2020 we have launched a remarkable number of new guitars and ukuleles at the Baton Rouge facility. The 20s reloaded series has been unexpectedly successful this year. So successful that we can't keep up with the delivery of many models.

A look at our top 3 models for guitars and ukuleles for 2020 shows that we have successfully launched the 20s models, especially with the acoustic guitar.

Top 3 acoustic guitar models in 2020

3. X6C/AC-AF

The Andrew Foy Signature has been one of the most successful models at Baton Rouge for about 2 years. No wonder, after all it has everything the aspiring fingerstyler needs these days. The X6C / AC-AF is part of our Signature Series, which also includes the Peter Gergely Signature.  In 2021 we will continue to provide you with these dream models!

2. X11LS/F-SCC

If we put the X11LS / F-SCC in second place in our Top 3 ranking of Baton Rouge guitars for 2021, then this second place goes mainly to the finish. The SCC stands for “screwed charcoal satin open pore” and thus describes the very unique look of this guitar. We obviously hit the bull's eye with this, because both this Folk model and the matching Parlor are the two most successful guitars from the 20s reloaded series. Today, in December 2020, you have to dig deep to get one of these models. Replenishment is coming in the new year.

1. AR21C/ACE

In the end, it is the simplicity that wins. Without an elaborate finish, but instead a matt, natural wood in the shape of an auditorium. The first place goes to a model in the typical Baton Rouge look. The AR21C / ACE replaces the related AR11C / ACE from the high base. In this model, what belongs together comes together. A solid Canadian cedar top with its back and sides made of brick maple, a mahogany neck with an Ovangkol fingerboard. All "ready for the stage" with our BR-2.1P 2-way pickup system.

These are our top 3 ukuleles in 2020

3. V2-C sun

Third place of our “bestselling ukuleles” in 2020 is one of our simplest models. Without any fancy colors and inlays, it instead has a natural finish and a symbol that is basically our ukulele trademark: the sun. The V2-C sun.

2. UR1-S smile-bws

This little lady is part of a whole learning concept. We developed the UR1-S smile-bws together with the teacher Michael Fromm especially for children. The colored strings enable an even faster and easier entry into the world of the ukulele with the appropriate accompanying notes. This works best with our ukulele series “Ukulele for the home”. Have a look!

V2-S sun

It is astonishing that also with the ukuleles it is the simplicity that scores most points. The first place goes to the little sister of our third place. The V2-S sun is the soprano version and therefore our all-rounder for both young and old.

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