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Heiko Bloemers is a melodic whiz. With his guitar he creates atmospheres that are close to what we know of as "percussive fingerstyle". However, Heiko Bloemer's music is much more than just this. It is a symbiosis between traditional acoustic guitar and new-modern electronics. With his 14-year-old Baton Rouge BR30 CE, he creates a world of sound which you could not imagine could come from a guitar.

In fact, the 32-year-old has had to change a lot on his guitar in the recent years in order to achieve the sound of the guitar that he has today. Looking, at the guitar you would not imagine it was still playable, but one can observe from the traces of wear on the guitar that the artist and instrument have a long shared history. Until now, a Baton Rouge BR30 CE has been serving him. It has been 15 years since this first series from Baton Rouge Guitars became really successful. The guitar has a solid spruce top, back and sides are mahogany.

The BR30 CE has accompanied Heiko for nearly 14 years. "The longer I play this guitar, the more I feel connected to it," he says himself.  Of course, considering how many times the guitar has been adapted over the years. The guitar has frets and bridge pins made of bell brass, banjo mechanics and a total of 7 pickups. The 6 Bill Keith Banjo D tuners with violin tuners allow him to use multiple moods within a song. Heiko also uses the following pickups in his BR30 CE:

- Seymour Duncan MagMic (1) (I only use the magnetic pickup here)

- Seymour Duncan MagMic (2) (I only use the microphone here)

- 3 x Shadow Dualie Inside'r Transducer / Piezo to amplify my kick drum sounds

2 x Fishman SBT-HAP to amplify my snare sound

These sounds are then mixed in Ableton Live and from there are sent to the PA. Here is an impression of how it can sound:

With his 14-year-old BR30 CE, Heiko Bloemers creates his very own sound. No matter how old the guitar is. It turns out, in the end it is about passion without doubt.

Heiko Bloemers shows us in part 2 of this little series how the sound is edited in Ableton Live in the end.

More information about Heiko can be found on his website: http://heikobloemers.de/


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