Pickup Systems

The new BR-2P-Pickup

The BR-2P brings percussive finger style to the next level. Together with the experts of Shadow® Electronics we developed this 2way pickup system which enables you to mix the natural acoustic sound of a bridge pickup with the whole range of percussive sounds that an acoustic guitar body gives you.

The BR-2P is exclusively built into Baton Rouge Guitars.

The Preamp

The Bridge Pickup

When the Nanoflex technology was developed by Shadow® Electronics it opened the door to the beautiful world of natural guitar sound reproduction. The Nanoflex is an undersadle bringe pickup which senses the vibrations of the strings and the body of the instrument simultaneously. This gives the equivalent of having a condenser microphone mixed with an undersaddle pickup. The BR-2P uses a further development of the Nanoflex.

The Magnetic Tap Pickup

The active magnetic tap pickup is installed inside the guitar body on the neck block. From this position, it enables you to use the whole guitar for percussive fingerstyle. The tap pickup is very resistant to feedback and has high dynamic ranges.

The BR-2P comes with two jack outputs. You can use the mono jack (endpin) to get one mixed signal of both pickups, or use the second check to send the tap pickup to a separate channel. This enables you to use different effects on both pickups.

Check out the Baton Rouge Guitars Youtube Channel for detailed Information around the BR-2P.


With the BR-1 we offer a natural sounding Undersaddle Piezo Pickup in combination with a simple active preamp that is extremely reliable. The simple operation offers the possibility to influence the sound of the Baton Rouge guitar in terms of volume, treble and bass. A battery light is installed to notify you if the battery needs to be changed. In addition, the built-in tuner allows for the tuning of the guitar.

The simple and user-friendly features of the BR-1 have proven themselves in their simplicity and are therefore currently used in all pickup models of the Noir L series.

BR-U1 - our pickup system for the ukulele

The BR-U1 is our preferred pickup system for the ukulele. As a passive system, it does not require a battery, but can still be characterized by its voluminous sound.

The BR-U1 consists simply of a very balanced sounding piezo and volume wheel in the sound hole. It is easy to use, extremely reliable and delivers a natural, solid sound.

Previously used pickup systems