rECOtimber as an alternative to tropical wood

For many years there have been attempts by different guitar manufacturers to build guitars from thermally modified wood. So far, however, only thermally treated guitar tops have been manufactured. At Baton Rouge Guitars, we developed a process as part of a research project that makes it possible to build a complete guitar from thermo-optimized wood. The first two acoustic guitar models and a classic guitar model are now on the market:

During the manufacturing process, the wood is exposed to a minimum heat of 150° C for several hours. Different chemical remodeling processes are used to dry out the wood and make it very brittle. The secret is finding the exact ratio of heat to its duration in order to achieve the optimal degree of modification for every type of wood.

This is exactly what science is important for, as the knowledge gained drastically reduces error rates. At the same time, criteria based on clear measured values can be defined.  On the basis of numerous sound analyses (modal analyses), for example, the scientists have examined the vibration behavior of native and modified wood and found that with the right procedure, acoustic properties relevant to guitar building can be improved for all wood variants.

The installation of tropical woods has a long tradition in guitar making. The main goal is to use local woods to get the sound of guitars made of mahogany or rosewood, so that in the future, the use topical woods can be avoided.