Draw a line and win your own Ukulele design

At the start of our Fineline models, you have the great opportunity to immortalize your own design on one of our ukuleles. Send us your design and take part in our competition. We will choose one of all the motifs that we will print on a ukulele in series.

You can find the conditions of participation here. Please read through once, because there are a few things you have to consider in order to participate successfully! Good luck!

Terms & Conditions

This is how it works:

1. Create your own fineline design

Take a pencil, and start drawing. Check out our fineline designs and start creating yours.

2. Send us your design

Click the button below and send us your design per mail. Please use a typical format such as .png or .jpg!

3. Baton Rouge chooses best of 10

From all the beautiful designs sent to us, we choose a best of 10 designs that will make it into the finals.

4. Baton Rouge Community chooses winner

The final winner will be chosen by you, the Baton Rouge Family. We will start a social media voting to determine the winner

Baton Rouge Fineline Ukuleles

Fineline combines unique illustrations with a Baton Rouge ukulele. Inspired by modern fineline tattoos, we have created a very special series of ukuleles. Unique and elegant - for the next generation of musicians: inside with a sense of simple aesthetics.

Now available with the designs:
- Wave
- Paper Boat
- Flamingo
- Paper Plane
- Pineapple
- Cactus

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Fineline Ukuleles

Draw a line and get your own Ukulele design | Baton Rouge Guitars