Baton Rouge Guitars at Musikmesse 2019

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Baton Rouge Guitars celebrates 20th anniversary at Musikmesse

For more than 20 years, Baton Rouge Guitars have stood for high quality guitars. "We aim to build a distinctive brand at an affordable price. We have the aspiration to make the best possible guitar for little money", says Baton Rouge Product Manager Bernd Wagner.

In the past few years, our own brand has been able to bring unique guitars to the market, not least with the AR series, which have gained international acclaim, especially among a young scene of fingerstylers. Under the title "20 Years of Baton Rouge Guitars" , you will be invited to a relaxing and music-rich "Get Together" on Wednesday, 3rd of April at the Circle Stage in Hall 3.1 of the Musikmesse Frankfurt. From 6pm, the stage will be filled with Baton Rouge guitarists, food and drink will be provided. Please stop by!


Anniversary models for the Musikmesse 2019

In addition, we are launching a whole series of new models for the 20th anniversary of Baton Rouge Guitars. The highlights will be the limited edition Anniversary models from the AR20 series. AR20S/ACE LTD The AR20C / ACE-LTD features a solid Canadian cedar top, grained maple back and sides, mahogany neck and fingerboard, and Ovangkol bridge. The AR20S / ACE-LTD appears with a massive German spruce top. Both models are based on the AR21 series and differ from it by a high-gloss finish, a rosette and logo of abalone and maple bindings (see picture). Both models will be launched in quantities of 100 each. You can see all new acoustic models and a large selection of Baton Rouge ukuleles in Hall 3.1, Booth C91.

In the past two years, our large booth has been the crowd puller in Hall 8. There were lots of young musicians playing their music . Although we have moved  into Hall 3.1 this year, everything remains the same.

As always, this year we are bringing numerous international musicians to the fair. The exceptional Russian guitarist Alexandr Misko is at the forefront. In addition to his virtuoso and very rhythmic style of playing, the fingerstyler is distinguished above all by his guitar. He plays the custom-made with banjo tuners, a total of three pickups and a specially adapted to his style guitar neck. Also this year playing for Baton Rouge Guitars, we are proud to introduce Illona Bolou (FRA), Janek Pentz (POL), Janet Noguera (USA) and Philipp Adam (GER). 

In addition to the usual dates at and around the exhibition stand of Baton Rouge Guitars, various artists will also play in different locations during the fair in Frankfurt. You should not miss these dates:

  1. Tuesday, April 2nd, 19:00, Maritim Hotel Frankfurt: Classic, Fingerstyle and Filmscores with Janet Noguera and Janek Pentz
  2. Wednesday, April 3, from 17:00, Circle of Messe Frankfurt: 20 Years of Baton Rouge with all Baton Rouge artists
  3. Thursday 4th April, from 20:00, Premier Inn Frankfurt Messe: Illona Bolou and Philipp Adam 

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