rECO Series - Guitars from your Backyard

rECO Serie - Guitars from your backyard

We build the guitar of tomorrow using wood from your backyard!

Congratulations, you've landed on our page! That means your next guitar should be something different. The Baton Rouge rECO Series combines innovation with a sustainable approach, creating the acoustic guitars and ukuleles of the future. We craft rECO Series guitars from locally sourced, sustainably managed wood, which we personally select on-site. Through our patented thermal enhancement process, we can use unusual woods for guitar construction. That's why you'll find woods like Rowan, Service Tree, and Pear in the rECO Series: wood as if from our own garden.

In collaboration with the University of Sustainable Development Eberswalde, we have developed a scientifically reliable method of thermally enhancing tonewoods, allowing us not only to avoid tropical woods but also to surpass them in sound quality. See for yourself!

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This is how we compensate our carbon footprint

From a felled tree trunk, we can build 40-60 rECO guitars and ukuleles! For every sold rECO instrument, we plant a tree in our forests. This means that for every felled tree trunk, we plant 40-60 new trees in Germany!

Where your tree is planted!

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For every sold Instrument we plant a tree!

What happens during thermal refinement?

The thermal refinement of tonewood works basically like baking in the kitchen. Depending on what is to be baked, the desired cooking mode is set with the appropriate temperature, and then heat and time take care of the rest.

Through numerous testing procedures, we have developed the optimal baking process to enhance the sound of a wide selection of European woods. Depending on the program, the woods are exposed to a set temperature between 140 and 160 degrees Celsius for a specific period of time.

During thermal refinement, various chemical transformation processes occur, altering the cell structure and the resonance capability of the wood. The key lies in discovering the precise balance of heat and duration to achieve the optimal level of modification for each wood type. With our rECOtimber® method, we unlock the potential of woods from your garden, offering an innovative and forward-looking acoustic experience with a sustainable approach.

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How we make local woods from sustainable forestry usable for building guitars

These Baton Rouge guitars and ukuleles are available within the rECO-Series.

rECO Series - Guitars from your backyard

This is how we make alder usable for building guitars