1Design, 9Styles, 1Million possibilities!

Our Sun Series offers you a million ways to unleash your musical talent. With the "Sun" design, we offer the full range of ukuleles in nine different styles. From the small soprano ukulele to the 8-string baritone ukulele.

The Baton Rouge Sun Series is one design, used for nine different ukulele types that open one million possibilities. Find a retailer near you and try the Baton Rouge Sun models.

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With a total of 9 models, the Sun series covers the entire range of the ukulele world. In addition to the classic 4-string ukuleles as soprano, concert, tenor and baritone size, we offer some exotic ones within our Sun series.

The soprano size is also available as a wide neck ukulele (37.5mm instead of 35mm). You can also get our tenor and baritone models as 8-string and also as guitarlele. Take a look at the individual models below, or find a dealer near you here.

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Sun soprano models

Sun concert models

Sun Tenor Ukulele

Sun Baritone Ukulele

Sun Guitarlele

Baton Rouge Ukulele

GotAUkulele review of our V2-SW Sun