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We embrace design, quality, responsibility and hard work to build accessible guitars for anyone, anywhere.

Baton Rouge was founded in 1999 when our founder and CEO Gunther recognized that it was difficult to find quality guitars at an accessible price. He set out on his journey of hard work and determination to build a brand founded on the belief that quality and affordable guitars should be available to anyone.

Today, Baton Rouge guitars are played in over 40 countries around the world. Our guitars are especially popular amongst the fingerpicking community, as well as can be spotted around the campfire, on stage, or in the classroom.

We welcome the next generation of artists, musicians and creators to our community of optimists and change makers. Together, we embrace design, quality, hard work and responsibility and express ourselves through Baton Rouge guitars and ukuleles.

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Baton Rouge Guitars are different from other brands. They craft fantastic guitars and support a young and aspiring community of guitarists.

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Innovative rECOtimber for a better tomorrow

Once a dream, now a reality. Find out how Baton Rouge has developed a unique process which makes it possible to use local woods instead of tropical species all while maintaining the same sound quality.

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Honest quality & value

Quality is at our core. It refers not only to the attention to detail in our product design and finishes, but also to how we treat our partners, collaborators, suppliers, employees and customers alike

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Human and authentic

Above all, we want to retain our family-oriented approach. Baton Rouge is not a faceless brand, it’s an inclusive and welcoming group of people who are passionate and excited about what we do.

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Investing in tomorrow

Where environmental responsibility, innovation, and optimism meet. We’re invested in progressing our activities linked to sustainability and environmental responsibility through the sponsorship of the rECOtimber project in Europe

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Hard work and dedication

No matter how great the guitar, it is only the tool - the real artist is the guitar player themself. As a brand, Baton Rouge is committed to working hard as a means to personal progress and encourages our customers to do the same.

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